I love this place. Great eyeglass selection and they really take the time to make sure your prescription is right. They’ve also adjusted and tightened my young daughter’s glasses a million times, because kids are kids, and they’re always so sweet and accommodating.
Amy Nielson Avatar
Amy Nielson
My partner Doug and I just returned from Hudson River Eye Care in Tarrytown. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly They followed rigorous sanitation procedures. I would recommend them to everyone.
Nancy Robasco Avatar
Nancy Robasco
Highly recommended!
Janelle Estrella Avatar
Janelle Estrella
I want to send a special thank you to Mary DeAngelo for providing us with an excellent customer service. Mary took the time to show us a variety of glasses, and went over and beyond to satisfy us. Thank you for everything.
arisleyda De Rodriguez Avatar
arisleyda De Rodriguez
My husband Rob C and I recently bought eye glasses and frames from HREC. We've been going here for years. Rex and Terry took care of us. We can't say enough good things about the way Rex in particular handled Rob's unique situation. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very courteous. Although rare to find these days, such service sure does exist at Hudson River Eye Care. It's our Go-to. Thanks HREC!!
Ruth RSBU Avatar
Friendly, generous service. I popped in with no notice and the very kind optician (tall thin dude with glasses) fixed my sunglasses instantly for no charge! Will certainly be looking to get glasses here in future.
J Avatar
Super nice and quick staff, fixed my glasses for free
Ethan Thane Avatar
Ethan Thane
It has been years since I have received an eye exam and I decided to visit Hudson River Eye Care from a referral. I am glad I did! Dr. Dedeo and the entire staff are incredible! They make you feel very comfortable. During the eye exam, Dr. Dedeo explained everything that he was performing and what he was looking for in terms that were easy to understand. They have some of the most up to date technology to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that you can see clearly. Rex is amazing! I have nothing but amazing things to say and HIGHLY recommend them.
Michael Dapice Avatar
Michael Dapice
Excellent customer care. I was treated with professionalism, respect and overall helpfulness that I wasn’t expecting for a mere walk-in vision check.
Carlos Barreto Avatar
Carlos Barreto
Eye test was smooth & efficient. No pushiness to sell frames. Went beyond expectations to upgrade existing frames, in order to save me some money.
Claire Cornish Avatar
Claire Cornish
I am so grateful for the 'over-the-top' attentive care I have received. Eye exam and then I needed adjustments for lens. Professional, responsive and kind. I highly recommend!
Susan Copley Avatar
Susan Copley
I got my glasses here and am very happy. The store is very nice inside and has convenient hours. The optician who works here is very helpful and takes lots of time with you. He even helped to fix and adjust my son's glasses on several occasions, even though I told him we had purchased those glasses at the other store in Tarrytown. The fact that he did this made me want to come back and I ended up buying my own pair here. I learned long ago to not buy glasses on the internet because it really helps to have someone local who can fix or adjust them properly.
Rob S Avatar
Rob S
Nice, easy to talk to doctor. Really cares you get the right lenses or glasses. Lets you try out several and report back. She also gives to lots of community stuff
Carol Vinzant Avatar
Carol Vinzant
The optometrist was professional and thorough, providing an excellent exam and meeting my needs. Furthermore, the staff will take the time to price out various options within your insurance in order to best serve your needs at the smallest hit to your wallet. The fact that everyone was courteous, helpful, and kind only added to the overall experience! The only caveat I noted was they were recommending retinal imaging. This is helpful for people with stronger prescriptions and retinal pathology, but not recommended for everyone. It's generally not covered by insurance; so keep that in mind!
Paul Mandaro Avatar
Paul Mandaro
Friendly and attentive staff. I’ve been coming here for 4 years and am very satisfied with the care and products here.
D Heymann Avatar
D Heymann
Great service, very quick and organized.
Ivan Ovalle Avatar
Ivan Ovalle
Dr. Dedeo and the entire staff are very good at what they do. With my prescription, they were able to fit me into some of the nicest eyeglasses I have ever had. Normally the lens is very thick but they used an amazing lab to make the glasses look thin from the side and blend in. My husband also says the glasses look really good. I used to be really embarrassed about wearing my glasses out in public, but now I am going to try and wear the glasses out for more often, and give my eyes a rest from the contacts. However, even he contacts I got have fit amazing, and my eyes are more comfortable than they have been in a few years. I really appreciate everything they did for me.
Leyla A Avatar
Leyla A
Very efficient and fast
Jen Guzman Avatar
Jen Guzman
Very nice and knowledgeable eye doctor and opticians.
Lynn Green Avatar
Lynn Green
Everyone at Hudson River Eye Care is so nice! They have a great selection of glasses and I always walk out with loads of free contacts.
Paula Cousino Avatar
Paula Cousino
I’ve been going to Dr. DeDeo for 3 years. He always takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. It’s obvious he has a passion for his precession and truly cares about his patients. The staff here goes above and beyond, they are always super professional and helpful from the moment you walk in. There is never a hard sell and they have a fantastic selection of glasses. I highly recommend!
Lindsley Newbury Avatar
Lindsley Newbury
Very professional!
Maria Tosto Avatar
Maria Tosto
Very friendly and helpful staff! 2nd time going here for eye exam and picking out new frames!
Nancy Avatar
They are so professional and friendly, I love it!
Benazir De Los Angeles Avatar
Benazir De Los Angeles
Very comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Everyone was polite and helpful. Dr. Dedeo was very thorough and very informative. Just waiting on my daughter's new glasses.
Venus R. Avatar
Venus R.